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About Us

Who are we?

A team of developers with the love for programming, having passion to do much more than the rest. Hustling to solve complex problems with the syntactic-sugar of code.

We are the purveyors of cutting-edge tech, incredibly intuitive UX and proficient with the best-in-class technologies skilled to build bleeding-edge products from scratch.

Our goal is never to just deliver and forget, we treat your brainchild as a vision-and do justice with it. We churn your ideas and dreams into reality by providing the simplest approach possible.
Our team acts as the much-needed fuel for your entrepreneurial journey.


Web Development

We use Django for backend scripting and apis and a bootsrap/React based UI This makes our websites Responsive, Secure along with a crisp Design.


Deployment and setup of Webapp/Api server with full automation for 99.99% uptime using any client preferred Cloud service.


Python based windows/mac/linux based applications using scripting and tkinter for GUI. Automation of bulk email/sms/whatsapp services using selenium and python.


Development of Arduino and Raspberry pie based robots and technical documentation for college and automation projects.


Swarnab Roy
Blockchain Engineer
Prabhakar Kumar
FullStack Dev

Tech Stack

Languages, Frameworks and Apllications we have expertise in

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+917406485784 [Prabhakar Kumar]

+918884669541 [Swarnab Roy]